1977 Honda Civic CVCC 2 Door Project $500

Thanks to its economy, reliability and low cost in an era of rising fuel prices, this 1977 Honda Civic CVCC technology has helped make it one affordable and a great little car.  The Honda Civic has been an enduring favorite among car owners.

This Honda Civic CVCC Project car, I actually got for myself. Now, if you’re reading this you probably know these are becoming near impossible to get in any condition for any decent price. But, I got a really good deal on this one and have had decent luck getting cars for good prices. I decided to pass the deal along once I realized I would not have the time to do this one. Don’t get me wrong I still made a tiny bit and a few parts- it’s in my nature.

This car came to me missing the carburetor and the ignition key. The guy I got it from swore to me that it ran when he got it and ran well. The car was stored at his friends house for over a year and who knows where the ign. key went. The brakes were good, trans seems really good, interior decent, body was really good rust free (had a few dings but overall was really good), glass good, and most everything else was there. It came with “lost papers” paperwork from the original owner, which was good. Even came with roof rack.

1977 Honda Civic CVCC

I used to have a 1979 5- speed I bought for $50 back in  the 90’s and my father was the Honda parts manager. He got me an accord 1600cc engine. I LOVED that car. I did everything with that car I.E; drifting, 4X4ing, hydroplaning in the rain and even cruised on a regular basis at 95MPH on Hwy. 5 here in Ca. It was quick, fast and fantastic on gas. I really miss that car and kind of wish I still had it for my son except for the fact that if he got hit in it it would prob. hurt if not kill him. I have had 5 of these cars overall but the 79 (my 1st one) still has my heart.

1977 Honda Civic CVCC 2 Door Project Car

The man who just bought this car was a retired military man, as well as his wife. Nice guy. He plans to fix it up. Says he has a carburetor already. He also has another 77 Civic CVCC 2-dr and a 78 Accord 2-dr. It’s funny but once you have one of these you will find yourself getting at least another – they are addicting. They are just too much fun to drive, not to mention all the other perks, like reg. each year is only $41, ins. is cheap, gas is amazing, you can fit into any spot, they run so clean that smogging them is a breeze and it’s like driving a go-cart.

Basicly, if you have a chance to at least drive one – do it. If you can get a good runner for less than $2000 – buy it, clean it up and make a profit – unless you fall in love with it. Really good ones are going up towards the $8K to $10K mark. Ridiculous, right? I used to get them for $200 or less running good. Man times have changed. I’ve flipped many, many, many cars mostly collectors muscle cars. Also, small cars from hondas to VW bugs. The 1 big thing I’ve learned is that anything from the 70’s is becoming sellable for much more than you’d think they should. Soon the cars from the 80’s – believe it or not are going to become ridiculous too.

This great little 1977 Honda Civic CVCC car never made it to our Local Pick Up Classified Page, it went so fast. If I can push one thing into your head it would be – If you can get anything from 1979 or older (especially 1975 or older = pre-smog) that’s been sitting in some barn or garage for a great price, DO IT! or let me know about it. 😉

1977 Honda Civic CVCC

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