3 Tips To Cash in on Your Closet

3 Tips to Cash In on Your Closet

With the winter season upon us, you may be thinking it’s about that time to start clearing out your closet to make room for the return of bulky sweaters and boots. I know I am. Why not make some extra money and sell your gently used clothing online? Here at Grumpy Treasures Thrift and Consignment, we can help you do just that.

We’ve all done it at one time or another: overspent on a sexy pair of high heels that are too uncomfortable to wear for more than five minutes, or held on to an armful of designer handbags, unable to part with the “investment” even though all they’re doing is gathering dust. Or how about that blouse or pair of pants that you thought you’d wear someday only to find that after a year the price tags are still attached. How can you declutter your closet and make some money you ask?

Our Top 3 Tips:

  1. Clean out your closet. Most of us only use 20% of our closet anyway.
  2. Choose items that are in mint condition. You’ll get more money for them. (We can discuss with you which name brands sell the best.)
  3. Sell those Luxury designer fashion items. They have good resale value and the quickest turnaround.

Clothing, Shoes or Accessories that have original tags or boxes can help increase a sale.  Keep in mind and be open to the resale price of an item. Sometimes, what you once paid for an item, may not be worth that price now. We will ALWAYS discuss with you the best selling prices of items and if they are worthy of selling.

Fall/Winter 2015/2016 Hot Clothing Trend

There’s lots of different styles that come and go and with a new generation of styles available to consumers, we still fall back to the 40’s, 50’s 60’s, etc. Believe it or not. The 70’s came back this year.


And the 80’s


You may or may not have a certain time period in your closet, but don’t worry. That’s the great thing about selling to consumers worldwide. There’s variety and uniqueness in every style of clothing and something for everyone. We will help you choose the best pieces.

Consign with Us!

What if you could clean your closet, save time, save money, and do good by the planet all at once? Grumpy Treasures Thrift and Consignment gives you the power to do all of this without ever leaving your house!

So how in the world does this all work? It’s quite simple, actually.

  1. You Schedule A Consignment Consultation with us to discuss consigning the clothes that you no longer wear.
  2. Grumpy Treasures Thrift and Consignment takes the on-trend pieces and puts them on their website and eBay reaching and selling to consumers worldwide.
  3. Once your item sells, Grumpy Treasures Thrift and Consignment sends payment (after 35% commission, eBay/Paypal fees) directly to you. (*Please read our Consignment Information and Guidelines for further details.)

What types of items do you accept?
On-trend, quality clothing, shoes and accessories that are in great condition. Basically the things you’d pass on to your best friends and family.

I love the new fall/ winter 2015-2016 fashion trends to bits and can’t wait to work with you!





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