Consignment Information and Guidelines

Grumpy Treasures Thrift and Consignment Consignment Service Information and Guidelines

Why Consign with Grumpy Treasures Thrift and Consignment?

  • Grumpy Treasures is a family owned business. We are a verified trading assistant with Ebay and have been selling online for more than 20 years. Our consignors and customers know they can trust us
  • We know how to price your items so they will both sell and give you the best return
  • It’s fast, fun and easy
  • You can receive cash or store credit anytime
  • Your items are securely invoiced and tracked
  • Consignment makes room for new items in your closet and earns you money
  • We are professional,  friendly and courteous
  • Your items will be attractively photographed and displayed
  • Last but by no means least: Recycle = ReWardrobe — good for you, good for the planet!

Below is information to help you decide if you want to use our consignment service and how it works.  Of course, please feel free to contact us (530) 432-5505 or email us at if you have any questions. We’ve tried to make our guidelines as clear as possible. If we’ve missed something we certainly welcome your input.

Disclosure: Grumpy Treasures will NOT accept anything for online consignment that is not legal to sell, ship, or that requires a special license to sell. This includes but not limited to firearms, liquor, and most hazardous material. We also will not sell pornographic materials of any type. (This is a family run business.) Grumpy Treasures reserves the right to refuse to sell any item at our discretion. Grumpy Treasures also reserves the right to cancel the consignment agreement.

Local Consignor Information:
Please call for an appointment when consigning more than 5 items. Tuesday through Fridays, no more than 20 items/visit*

How Does It Work?

  • You schedule an appointment to have us review and go over the item(s) you wish to sell and we meet with you at your home or office.
  • Pick up your unwanted items
  • Research each item
  • Take Professional Photographs
  • Write a detailed listing on each item
  • Store items in our secure shop.
  • Establish whether your item(s) would sell either on eBay or etsy, choose the right category for your item(s).
  • Answer questions from buyers.
  • Process payment from the buyer.
  • Pack your item(s) carefully and ship to the buyers.

** Since eBay allows buyers to return items up to 45 days after purchase, payments are issued at the end of the month for the month prior. Usual delivery time for payment is 3-5 business days. We reserve the right to put a hold on funds should an issue arise with buyer or if an item has an excessively high value. Terms will be discussed in advance. Please note that this is a very infrequent occurrence.

When Do I Get Paid?

  • The whole process usually takes 45 days once item is sold, unless buyer receives item(s) and leaves positive feedback sooner. (eBay’s buyer protection gives buyers 45 days to return items.)

How Much Does It Cost? What Are The Commission Rates? Click The Applicable Category For Your Item

Are There Any Additional Fees?

  • Yes. You pay eBay fees (5% to 15%), however we pay ALL payment processing fees and any unforeseen charges.

Do I Pay Shipping?

  • No. The buyer of the item pays shipping costs. For high value items that we think would benefit from free shipping, we will offer it at our discretion. When we offer free shipping the cost is deducted from the sale price prior to any other fees. Items with free shipping get more visibility in eBay search and we will always offer it for higher valuable items. See how we ship below.

How Many Photos Will You Take Of My Item(s)?

  • We take as many photos as we need. We do not limit the number of photos. However, a typical listing will have up to twelve. If we think it needs more, then we will include more at an additional cost.

Will You Pick Up My Items?

  • We will pick up items. Additional fees will be charged if you are more than 50 miles, depending on your location.
  • You must provide us a list of your items, for our consideration, along with history of items and value.

Currently Accepting


Home decor, women’s handbags & costume jewelry, DVD’s and Blue-ray’s, children – adult clothing, summer clothes, die-cast cars, dolls, kitchen items, collectibles, antiques and musical instruments. We will accept other items not listed here. Please call us for further information.

*Consignments accepted Tuesdays – Fridays, unless other arrangements have been made.
Consignors with 5 or fewer items can stop & drop anytime on these days.
If you are bringing more than 5 items please call to schedule a drop off time.

Send a list: A quick list detailing what you’re interested in consigning.  Please list brand name and as much detail about the item(s) and original place of purchase (if known).

Send us your items: If you are out of the area, we’re happy to schedule a pick up through UPS.  Of course, you’re welcome to ship via your preferred courier.

First Time Consignors

In order to review our Grumpy’s Consignment Agreement and establish an account within our system we ask that all first time consignors make an appointment during business hours.  This appointment should not take longer than 15 minutes.

Ongoing Consignors

Once established as a consignor, you may use our convenient Grumpy’s Stop & Drop service or call for an appointment to set up to consign.  Items are accepted Tuesday – Friday 10-6.  No consignments can be accepted on Saturdays unless previous arrangement have been made.  In order to reserve space for all consignors we ask that you limit your items to 20 per visit.  PLEASE CALL AHEAD to ensure we have space in the store and are able to accept your consignments.  When you are ready to Stop & Drop, complete the Grumpy’s Stop & Drop Service Agreement and attach it to your items in a box, plastic bin, or paper bag (no garbage bags please).

Promotions, Sales, Advertising

Grumpy Treasures showcases products on our website, Facebook and Twitter pages, and in our weekly newsletter Grumpy’s Timeless Treasures.

Orders and Payments

All of our orders, payments and sales are processed through our PayPal account. Please be aware that an order can include sales of more than one consignor’s merchandise and/or sales for Grumpy Treasures Thrift and Consignment. We will separate each party’s sales and email all of your paperwork. Local consignors may also have a copy of their paperwork mailed to them. If your item(s) sell, the PayPal fees will be deducted from your monthly proceeds as well as any sales tax collected. Grumpy Treasures Thrift and Consignment charges California State Sales Tax on all merchandise sold. The California State Sales Tax for Grumpy Treasures Thrift and Consignment is 7.625%.

Packaging  Item(s) and Shipping Charges:

We package all item(s) in USPS Priority Flat Rate Mail keeping in mind the possibility of breakage during shipping. We heavily wrap breakable item(s) with bubble wrap or other shipping materials. All clothing is wrapped in tissue paper.

Grumpy Treasures ships by USPS Priority Flat Rate Mail which allows our customers to receive their item(s) within 2-3 business days and by using this shipping method, our customers receive a shipping tracking number for their item(s). We strongly suggest that all consignors use this method of shipping. There is no charge to you from the post office to receive these boxes. They are available at your local post office or you may go online to and order them to be delivered to your home for free.

**If you are an Online Consignor, we ask that you keep these terms in mind when shipping.

Your Account Number

All consignor’s will be issued an account number by Grumpy Treasures. Please refer to your account number when sending any email communication to Grumpy Treasures or when leaving a message. This allows us to keep accurate track of all our communication with you the consignor.

Charitable Options for Consignors (Further Information To be Announced Later)

Grumpy Treasures Thrift and Consignment has partnered with some non-profit organizations and enables consignors to donate their commissions.  Grumpy Treasures Thrift and Consignment also offers fundraising opportunities for charitable groups.  Call for more information about participating in this program.

Quality & Condition of Accepted Items

All items should be freshly cleaned, shined, zipped, tied, and pressed (if applicable) with no stains, scratches, broken buttons, zippers, pieces or parts.  All items should be cleaned inside-out and top to bottom, folded neatly and placed in boxes or paper shopping bags (no garbage bags).  Items must meet all current federal and state safety standards which can be viewed online at

Consignment Terms, Selling Price, & Commission

The consignment term is generally 15 days.  At the end of the term, owners of unsold merchandise will be contacted.  Grumpy Treasures Thrift and Consignment determines the acceptability and selling price of each item based upon research of previously sold similar items. See our Fee Schedule on our Consignment Agreement for further details.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

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