Professional eBay Consignment Sales

Professional eBay Consignment Sales

We’ve been doing Professional eBay Consignment  Sales for a while now and have been listed  as a registered  eBay Trading Assistant under eBay’s TA program for the past 7 years, working with clients off and on. In February, we added the eBay Trading Assistant Program fully into our eBay Consultancy business.

As an Professional eBay Consignment Seller, we are willing to look at selling items for householders, businesses, charities and to help people liquidate their stock.

We cover all areas of Nevada County, and offer a local pick up service within 50 miles or if further, we be happy to make some type of arrangements.

We charge a 35% commission on the sell price then eBay and Paypal fees are applied. So for example your item sells for $100.00 you will receive from us $65.00 minus eBay and PayPal fees. If you have a large amount of items please talk with us and we may be able to reduce the commission fee. Please refer to our Consignment Agreement under our Consignment Information page for further details on our Consignment Policy and FAQ’s.

For further details on our Professional eBay Consignment Sales business please phone us on 530-432-5505.

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  2. I am very interested in doing consignment with are the first place I’ve found on this side of the country.i am interested in sending to you a sizable amount of dinnerware(dinner plates,salad,bowls large&small u get the idea).I don’t seem to do very well selling on ebay and I’m tired of paying high shipping costs sending items to the east coast.if u are interested in doing business with me please email me.please enclose some info. about your site like where do u sell,how much u sell per year,anything that will tell me a little about u.thanks jim

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