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Can’t make it to our neck of the woods? Those high increased gas prices got you flustered? Live in another state or country?

No need to worry you can visit our online stores. Its easy as 1-2-3: just find your item, pay online through secured accounts, and we will ship to you; wherever you are at!

Visit our online pages: to see the products, get main links to how you can shop locally at our store, read testimonials and more!


 Grumpy Treasures Thrift & Consignment Home Based Store-COMING SOON NEW INVENTORY!

Shop online with us now. Just enter your keywords in the search box above and find your new treasure! We are constantly adding unique and rare items here to our online shop. Bringing the affordability of thrift store shopping to the internet.  Here at our online store, you will find the overstock of the items that we currently sell on eBay, and some more unique items; plus you’ll have access to larger items available for local pick up. (All items sold on our Home Based Store are available for local pick up. Just select local pick up at checkout.) Can’t find what you are looking for on our online shop? Our eBay store features our newest items, in Auction or Buy It Now!


 Ebay Store

Grumpy Treasures Thrift & Consignment store front is a branch of our primary home based store located in Penn Valley, CA. We sell both New merchandise as well as USED/PREVIOUSLY OWNED products that we purchase from Estate Sales, Flea Markets & Storage Auctions.


 Craigslist Postings

At our Craigslist site you will find our larger items from our liquidation warehouse and antique store. These postings are meant for you to get updates and an idea of what we currently have at our store. We do not deliver or ship these items. It is best to inspect in person. Call the # listed on the ads for more information. Just type Grumpy Treasures Thrift & Consignment in the search box to find the latest postings.


Still can’t find what you are looking for? Our online inventory only reflects the tip of the iceberg! Contact us and let us know what you are looking for, we just might have it or know how to find it.
If you are ever in the Grass Valley area, drop by the store!  We volunteer running and managing Scooter’s Place Thrift & Gift Shop in town for Scooter’s Pals, a local Dog Rescue and one of our clients. If you love to treasure hunt in a boutique type setting with lots of merchandise displayed and even hidden in nooks and crannies, Scooter’s Place Thrift & Gift Shop is a GREAT place to browse. We accept cash and accept all major credit cards in the form of payment.

We can not guarantee what is advertised is still in the store as items are constantly changing. It is best to call or email us if you are looking for something in particular.

Craigslist Ad Fees

We can post a Craigslist ad for you if you provide the pictures. If we have to make a house call for pictures, there will be a $20 fee.

$20 Non managed Craigslist Ad
$20 Craigslist Picture Service

House Calls

We make local house calls in the Penn Valley, Grass Valley and Nevada City area free of charge. There will be a $0.50 per mile charge for non-local house calls.


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